Settings User Guide

My info

You can edit your profile, select your status, check information related to conversations with external users, log in with another company account, and log out.


You can edit password, change settings on login and two-factor authentication, set lock screen password, and  manage access status and devices.

Notification settings

You can set notifications per service and Do Not Disturb time.

Font size settings

You can select the font size and set whether to display the font zoom in/out button.

Time zone settings

You can select the time zone you prefer in LINE WORKS.

Device settings

You can set whether to receive notifications, allow access to photos and location information on the device.

Mobile device management

The administrator can use the MDM (Mobile Device Management) function when a member lost a device or to delete the LINE WORKS app from the resigned member's device.

Proxy server settings

To use the LINE WORKS PC app in a network environment that connects to the Internet via a proxy server, each user needs to add the proxy server information.

App information

You can check the version information of the application.

Supported environment

This explains a system environment that supports the stable use of LINE WORKS.

Template management

A template is a document form that you can use throughout Message, Note, and Board. You can create a template that suits your business needs.