How to keep my account secure

Check the security settings for your account to prevent business and personal information leakage.
LINE WORKS provides various security features that enable you to perform your work with peace of mind.
Let’s check them out right away.

  • Register your device just in case it gets lost
  • Change your password regularly
  • Apply stronger security settings to keep your device twice as safe

1. Register your device just in case it gets lost

Work devices often contain critical information of the company. Therefore, it is important to register the device to your LINE WORKS account. This will enable remote control if your device gets lost. Delete the app data and reset the device remotely would prevent leakage.

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2. Change your password regularly to prevent account theft

We all know that changing your account password regularly can prevent it from being exposed. If you change the password, the account will be logged out from all devices, and ultimately prevent the account from being stolen.

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3. Apply a 2-step verification process or use screen lock to double the account security

By default, it only requires only one step to log in to your account. However, if you set up a 2-step verification process, you need to go through a secondary verification process to log in, which is safer. You can also apply a screen lock, which requires a biometric verification or a PIN whenever you open the app, to keep the account safe even after you have logged in.

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