Task User Guide


Task is a service that makes managing important tasks easy, without forgetting. You can assign tasks to members in charge or keep track of your tasks and progresses at a glance in one place.

Manage task list

You can check the tasks you need to work on in ‘Received Tasks’ and you have assigned to others in ‘Sent Tasks’. Also, you can sort the list according to your preferences, delete, and mark tasks as complete or important.

Create a task

You can specify the deadline, assigner, assignee, and attach a file to create a task. Also, you can edit, copy, or delete the existing tasks.

View tasks

You can check the task content, assigner, assignee, and history. Also, you can download photos, videos, or files attached to the task to your device or Drive. Foreign languages can be translated and checked immediately, and if there is a message included in the task, you can check the message contents and go to the message room the task was sent from.

Mark tasks as complete or incomplete

You can mark a task as complete or incomplete according to the progress.

Search a task

You can search for tasks in ‘Received Tasks’ or ‘Sent Tasks’ by content, assigner, assignee, etc.