How to improve work efficiency by 200% with Board - Advanced

“How can I use boards to better suit different work environments?”
“I want to create a positive company culture. Can boards help me accomplish that?”

Do you want to increase the efficiency of your company with LINE WORKS Board?
In this advanced guide, we’ll share ideas on how to use boards with 200% efficiency.

Also, check out the How to use Board - Basics guide.

1. Company form board to share various forms

Store all your company’s forms, such as official corporate BI/CI and payment forms.
Keep track of all the required documents and formats to avoid confusion.

2. Meeting minutes board for meeting materials

Share meeting minutes on the board.
Even members who didn’t attend a meeting can view the progress and better adjust to the company.

3. Information board for sharing work tips

Share news such as industry trends as well as seminars and tips that can improve your company’s tasks.
This can also encourage your employees and help build a positive company atmosphere.

That was our introduction to how to use boards.
Improve your company’s efficiency and build a positive company culture with LINE WORKS Board.