How to improve work efficiency by 200% with Board - Basics

“I don’t know what to write besides announcements.”
“How do other companies use their boards?”

Quickly share company news with LINE WORKS Board!
Here’s how other companies and organizations use boards with examples.

Also, check out the How to use Board - Advanced guide.

1. Company-wide board to share the latest information

Get all of your company’s info in one board.
Instead of responding to internal inquiries, employees can save time by directing others to the latest news.

2. Work manual board to minimize trial and error

Record work instructions on the board.
Attach photos, files, and videos, and keep a record of detailed procedures.

3. Business inquiry board for work-related questions

Leave an inquiry if you need help from another team.
It’s easier to find the right person and keep track of work progress.

4. Work log board for archiving purposes

Share company information and reports with your team.
It’s easy to find the information you need since all the team’s work-related data and files are in one place.

So far, we've given you tips on using boards other than just posting announcements.
Try out different boards and increase your company’s efficiency.