Become a file management pro with LINE WORKS Folder and Drive

"I want to share files quickly and securely for effective collaboration."
"I want to organize the files exchanged among the message room members via emails and messages."
"I want to store my files without worrying about expiring."
"I want to share the files stored in the folder elsewhere."
"I want to search for the folders and files I need quickly and easily."

PPT, Excel, and reports that stack up every day... How do you manage it?
Learn how to store and share work-related files more efficiently with LINE WORKS Folder and Drive.

1. Upload work materials to share

Upload the work materials you need to view together to the Message Room Folder.
Anyone can view or edit files at any time without worrying about expiration dates.
It is convenient because it can be used directly in Message, Note, Mail, Task, and more.

You can set to send a notification automatically to the message room every time you upload a file.

2. Share files with ease in any situation 

1) Share via Message/Mail/Note

Do you need to quickly share files stored in Folder via messages, emails, or Note posts?
You can press 'Send as File' to send or attach the file directly to wherever you want.

Learn how to send files from the Messages Room folder.

2)Help colleagues locate where a folder or file is

Is your colleague in the message room looking for files in the Message Room Folder?
Press 'Send location to this message room' and let them know the location.
You don't have to share files again and can collaborate up to speed without wasting storage space.

Learn how to share the location of a file in a Message Room Folder.

3) Share folders and files with external partners or clients

File management is important when collaborating with internal and external users.
Send a link for real-time access to the latest version of a folder or file.
You can give editing permissions to upload/edit files together and enhance security with passwords and settings.

Learn how to share folders with links.

3. Find files quickly with integrated search

Have you ever wasted time searching for a file or folder?
Search for files or folders by name, content, extension, etc.
Drive supports searching for entire folders, so you can find files faster.

So far, we've given you tips to manage your work files efficiently.
Become a pro at managing files with LINE WORKS Folder/Drive