Share a calendar


You can directly add members or create an URL to share the calendar.

You can check the calendars you shared or shared by others with you in My Calendar.

Add a member

Add members to share default or shared calendar.

You can grant authority to manage calendars or view events for each member.

Administrators can also edit calendar members' authority in Admin.


  1. In Calendar, tap and then 'My'.
  2. Tap and then 'Add and Set up Calendar'.
  3. Tap the calendar to share and access 'Calendar Setting'.
  4. Under 'Calendar Setting', tap 'Shared members'. Then, search or select members to share a calendar from the organizational chart.
  5. Tap on the right to the member to select the authority to grant.
  6. Tap .
  7. Tap 'Save' to apply changes.

PC Web

  1. In the Calendar’s My events mode, hover the mouse over the calendar you want to share in the menu on the left.
  2. Click.
  3. Select 'Calendar settings' to access 'Calendar settings'.
  4. In the search box of the 'Shared members', enter and then click the names of members you want to share the calendar.
  5. Click to grant specific authority to the members.
  6. After editing, click 'Save' to apply changes.

You can grant the following authorities when sharing a calenadar.

Authority to view only the time of all events Authority to view the detailed information of public events
(However, can only iew the date and time of private events)
Authority to view, edit, and delete all events Authority to manage the calendar members
(Invite, delete, and grant access to other members)
Show only the time of the event
Inquire event details
Manage events
Manage calendar and events

Share a calendar via URL

Creating a public URL is only available for Shared Calendars.

Sharing calendars via public URL is only available among LINE WORKS users.

PC Web

  1. In the Calendar's s My events mode, hover the mouse over the calendar you want to share in the menu on the left.
  2. Click.
  3. Click 'Calendar settings'.
  4. Click 'Create an open URL' of the 'Visibility'.
  5. Click 'Copy URL' to copy and share the link.
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