View form results

View form results

The form creator can view the status of respondents and form results. The form results are instantly compiled without additional processing.

Check the respondents

The form creator can view the lists of members who have and have not responded to the form.

If the form is targeted for specific members, it will show the lists of target members who have not completed the form. The respondent list is available only when the form is set to ‘Show Name’ in the ‘Respondent Info’.

You can send reminders via message or email to remind those who have not yet responded to the form.


Check the respondents for each answer choice

In Form Result, you can check the number of respondents and the response rate for each answer choice.

You can view the respondent list for each answer choice only when the form is set to show respondents’ names.

You can send messages or emails to the respondents and perform follow-up tasks such as inviting them to an event or sending an additional form.

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