Add or edit questions

In each form, you can create one or more questions. For each question, you can create one or more answer choices.

Add or edit questions

In each form, you can create one or more questions.
For question types, there are ‘Selection’, ‘Descriptive’, and ‘Date’.

Question type Answer type
Selection The respondents can select one or more answers among the given choices.
Descriptive The respondents can answer the question in text form.
Date The respondents can select a date from the calendar and submit as an answer.

Set questions as required

You can require an answer to a question in Form.

In Question, turn on ‘Required’ to make it compulsory for the respondents to answer the question.

The respondents can only submit the form when they have answered the required questions.

Allow multiple answers

You can allow the respondents select multiple answer choices for a question. However, multiple answers are only available for selection and date type questions.

Turn on ‘Multiple’ below the question.

Change the order of questions

You can change the order of the questions.

Copy questions

You can copy the question text, description of a question, answer choices, and image of answer choices.

Delete questions

You can delete questions in Form.

When you delete a question, any submitted response for the question will also be deleted.

You can either delete questions on the Edit question mode or from the questions list.

Delete in Edit question mode

Delete from questions list

You cannot restore the questions you deleted.

Branching question settings

You can link questions as branching questions to reveal related questions depending on the respondent’s choice.

Enable branching questions

You can only link questions that come after the question you are currently editing as branching questions. This is not available for the questions that allow respondents to select ‘Multiple’ answer choices.

Disable branching questions

You can also disable branching questions.

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