Add or edit questions

When creating a form, you can set questions as required or branching questions. Also, you can copy existing questions or change the order of questions to create a form.

Add or edit questions

There must be at least one question in a form.
You can create questions in Selection, Descriptive, Date, Dropdown, and Rating formats.

Question type Answer type
Choice-type The respondent selects one or more answers from a given list of choices.
Subjective-type The respondent directly enters the answer.
Date-type The respondent selects one or more dates.
Dropdown The respondent selects one answer from the drop-down list.
Rating The respondent gives a rating to the question.


Set questions as required

Form creators can set each question as required.

At the bottom of the Question, turn on ‘Required’ to make it necessary for the respondents to answer the question.

Questions set as required have the * mark on the left of the question title.

Allow multiple answers

You can allow the respondents select multiple answer choices for a question. However, multiple answers are only available for selection and date type questions.

Turn on ‘Multiple’ below the question.

Change the order of questions

You can change the order of questions.

Copy questions

You can copy existing questions to add new questions.

The question title, description, answer choices, and images in answer choices are copied to the new question.

Delete questions

You can delete questions.

When you delete a question with a response submitted, the corresponding response will be deleted as well.

You can delete questions in the Edit Form and Question order screen. Once deleted, you cannot restore the questions.

Delete on the Edit Form screen

Delete on the Question order screen

Branching question settings

You can set up branching questions to make sub-questions appear based on the answer choice selected by the respondent.

However, you can only create branching questions for selection, drop-down, and rating formats. Also, for branching questions, you can only link questions that come after the parent question.

Enable branching questions

You can only link questions that come after the question you are currently editing as branching questions. This is not available for the questions that allow respondents to select ‘Multiple’ answer choices.

Disable branching questions

You can also disable branching questions.

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