Create a form

There are different ways to create a new form:

  • Basic form
  • Template form
  • Copy closed forms
  • Temporary forms

Create a basic form

For basic forms, you can organize questions and answer choices as you want.

Create a new form using a template

You can create a form in the pattern that is frequently used in your work such as the employee safety-check and event attendance survey. You can also edit or add new questions.

Create a new form using a closed form

To reuse the closed form, you can copy the closed form to create a new form.

You can also create a new form for the same members who participated in closed forms.

Continue editing temporary forms

Incomplete forms are saved in Temporary.

You can continue to edit forms in Temporary.

Create a form for external users

You can only create forms for external users if the administrator has set your external connection to ‘Allow’.

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