Mail User Guide


This function is only available for the Advanced plan.

LINE WORKS Mail secures your company information with a top-notch security system and spam blocking technology. It also provides a variety of features you can use to improve work efficiency.


You can separately view emails in basic mailboxes such as Inbox, Sent Mail, Temporary, Memo box, My Mailbox, Spam Mail, and Trash. There are also All Mails, VIP Mail, Unread, Important, Attached Mail for you to view each type collectively.

Write and send an email

You can write and temporarily save email, schedule an email to send, check read receipts, and cancel sending emails.

Check emails

You can view photos and files, translate email, report spam, and select the Thread view to check emails. You can also view unread emails, set up reminders, and mark emails as important.

Organize and search emails

You can organize received emails by moving emails to one of 'My Mailbox' you created per purpose. You can also use a filter to classify the received emails automatically.

You can search for an email by the sender's or recipient's name, email address, email subject, or content of the email.

Mail environment settings

You can make changes on the settings of the startup page, Thread view, new email notifications, reminder options, signature, and external email sync.