Email notification settings


This function is only available for the Advanced plan.

You can set whether to receive notifications for every new email. You can select the mailboxes for which you want to receive notifications.

Turn on or off notifications for new emails

You can set whether to receive notifications whenever you receive a new email. You will only receive notifications for new emails when you turn on the function in settings.


  1. Tap  in 'Home' or Mail.
  2. Tap 'Notification settings'.
  3. Turn on 'Allow Notifications'.
  4. Tap 'Mail Notification'.
  5. Turn on/off 'New Email Notification'.
  6. To preview an email when you receive a notification, turn on 'Preview Contents'.

For both iOS and Android devices, you must first allow the device notificationsIf you turn off the notifications for LINE WORKS in device settings, you will not be receiving any notification even if you turn on notifications on the app.

PC Web

You can receive notifications for new emails with the PC web pop-up notification. For more information, please refer to 'PC web popup alert > Settings per service'.

Receive notifications for a specific mailbox

You can set to receive notifications for all new emails or only the emails sent from the email addresses marked as favorite contacts. If you are using more than one mailbox, you can also select multiple mailboxes to receive the notifications.


  1. Tap  in 'Home'.
  2. Tap 'Notification settings'.
  3. Tap 'Mail Notification'.
  4. Turn on 'New Email Notification'.
  5. Select the mailboxes to receive the notifications under 'Notifications for'.

PC Web

  1. Click  on the top right in Mail. Then click 'Set Notification'.
  2. Click 'Settings per service > Mail'.
  3. Select the type of email you want to receive notifications from in 'Notifications and new email count target'.
    • New mail in mailbox: Receive notifications on new emails received in specific mailbox. You can change settings on notifications per mailbox in 'Mailbox settings'.
      • All mailbox: Receive notifications for all mailboxes.
      • Specific mailbox: You can make changes to notification settings for each mailbox. Turn on or off the notifications for each mailboxes.
        You must turn on notification setting for at least one mailbox.
    • New emails from favorite contacts: Receive notifications on emails sent from email addresses set as favorite contacts.
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