Write an email

Aside from inserting texts, you can attach photos, videos, forms, files, stickers to an email.

You can also schedule emails to send or tap  to convert the email to a memo.

Below is the most basic way to send an email.

You can open another email while writing an email, or save the email as a draft so that you can open them anytime for further editing.

Fields for writing an email

Add recipients as To, Cc, and Bcc

For the PC web, you can select the ‘Show profile image’ on the bottom of autocomplete lists to view the profile photos of the people when entering their names.

Add recipients

You can either enter the name of members, email addresses, or search for a group name or a mailing list in Company Directory or My Contacts.

  1. Enter the name of the recipient, mailing list, group name, or team name. The system will automatically search for the contact every time you enter a letter.
  2. Select the contact you want from the autocompleted list.

Add recipients to Cc and Bcc

Search in the organizational chart

You can select members directly from the organizational chart to add them as To, Cc or Bcc.

Colors for the recipient’s email address

The following are the colors for the email addresses of the recipients:

  • Red: Invalid email address
  • Green: Email addresses set as executives by the administrator
  • Blue: Email addresses of the non-executive members

Edit the body

Change the text style

You can change the font size, shape, and color of the text.

Insert a photo

You can open photos stored in your device/computer or use the camera app to take photos to insert in the email body.

You can only insert the photos below the file size set by the administrator.

Insert a sticker

Insert a form

You can insert forms you created into the email body.

Insert a translated text

You can insert a translation of the text you are writing into the email body.

The translation is available for the following languages:

  • Translate Japanese/English/Chinese into Korean
  • Translate Korean into Japanese/English/Chinese

Attach a file

Attach a photo or video file stored in the device

You can attach photos or videos stored in your device as files.

Attach files stored in Drive

You can attach photos, videos, or document files stored in Drive.

The maximum number and file size of attachments

You can attach up to 100 general attachments when composing an email. Only the administrator can set the maximum file size for general attachments.

When attaching a file that exceeds the maximum file size, the attachment will automatically be converted to a file that can only be downloaded within a limited period.

On the PC web, you can manually convert general files into files that can only be downloaded within a limited period.

The file size and number limits for the files with a download deadline depend on the value set by the administrator.


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