Read/list of emails

Startup page for the email list

You can select the mailbox to view first when you open Mail.

VIP Mail

Emails from a contact marked as important or set as VIP are displayed along with the number of unread messages.

Number of emails on the list/Font size

You can select a font size and the number of emails to display on one page.

Display subjects in a single line on the list

You can display the email list in a single line without splitting lines.

Read emails in new window

You can set whether to open the emails in a new window.

Block images or links in external emails

You can block and hide images or links in the emails sent by external accounts.

However, image files attached to an email are displayed in preview below the email body regardless of this setting.

Block images or links in external emails

If you are unable to change the setting for ‘Block image/link of external mail’, the administrator needs to change the settings in Admin.

Show blocked images or links

To see the images or open the links inserted in external emails, click ‘Display image/link’ next to the message displayed on the top of the email body: “Some parts of the mail may not be displayed for security purpose.”

If you trust the sender, click ‘Trust mails sent from [Sender] at all times’ to show images and links included in the emails sent from the sender in the future.

Screen to display after deleting/moving an email

You can select the screen to display after deleting or moving the email you have opened.

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