Use Message Room Folder


This function is only available for the Advanced plan.

Message Room Folder is a file storage space that is shared within a message room.

If you share with members in the same message room and set to view in Drive, you can also check the message room folders in the Drive folder list.

Use Folder in message room

Messages rooms with three or more members, including Team or Group Message Room, are automatically created.

However, depending on the settings of the administrator, team leader, or the Group Master, the message room folder may not exist or use may be restricted.

View message room folders in Drive

You can set the folder of individual message rooms to be displayed in PC web and mobile app Drive lists.

To view folders in a specific message room, set to view in Drive.

All message room folders are not displayed in the Drive folder list until they are set separately in each message room.

The view settings in Drive are personalized and changes will not be reflected in other members' lists.

Hide messages room folders in Drive

You can hide the message room folder in the left list on your mobile and PC web Drive.

If you hide messages room folders, it will not be displayed in the sync settings list in Drive Explorer.

However, the folders that were synced and used will remain in sync.

PC Web

  1. Click  on the top.
  2. In the folder list on the left side of the screen, hover over the message room folder.
  3. Click  to the right of the message room folder name.
  4. Click 'Hide from Lists'.

Sharing scope

  • The sharing scope of a message room folder is specified as the members of that message room.
  • If you invite other members to the message room instead to the Team/Group, they will automatically have access to the folder.
  • To invite someone to a Team/Group Folder, change the member's team in the administrator page, or the member designated as the Group Master must add the member as a group member in the group settings page.
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