Sync Drive

Sync is a function that connects a folder in the user’s PC with a folder in LINE WORKS Drive to show the latest data at all times. You can check changes made in the PC folder directly on the web/mobile. The PC folder also shows changes made on the web/mobile instantly. If you use Drive Explorer on multiple PCs, you can keep the files up to date on up to 3 PCs you are logged in at the same time.

Sync function is not available for data restricted by the Drive policy such as file formats restricted by the administrator, malicious codes, and folders with names in special characters. Sync function is not available in the following cases as well.

  • Sync with a removable storage device
  • Sync with a virtual drive
  • Sync with Windows, Program Files folders and subfolders, and Desktop screen

Sync Settings

If you use Windows 10 1803 or prior versions and macOS, you can select a folder from ‘My Drive’ and ‘Folders shared with me’ to sync with the PC folder. When you select the PC folder to update the data of LINE WORKS, the LINE WORKS Drive folder is created under the folder and the sync process begins. When sync process is complete, the file/folder is marked with the  icon.

Sync is not available for data stored in Shared Drive or Team/Group Folder. However, you can access them through the following paths.

  • Windows : My PC > LINE WORKS Drive (W:)
  • macOS : Quick Access > LINE WORKS Drive

Pause sync

You can pause the sync function to temporarily stop real-time updates of the files. You must click ‘Restart Synchronization’ after making changes to the files in order to keep the files up to date.

Check sync status

Check the sync status of Drive Explorer. You can also check if any files failed to sync.

Check status on the Drive Explorer icon

You can check the sync status from the Drive Explorer icon on the taskbar or tray menu.

Failed to sync
Pause synchronization
Sync folder has been changed or deleted
Unstable network connection

Check status by clicking the Drive Explorer icon

Right-click the icon on the taskbar (Windows), or click the icon on the top tray menu (macOS) to check further information on the sync status.

  • Checking sync list
  • Synchronizing (the number of files that have been synced/the total number of files)
  • Synchronized
  • Drive sync is turned off.

Check files that failed to sync

If there are files or folders that failed to sync, a message will appear: ’There are items that failed to synchronize’. You can check the failed items by clicking ‘View items’ on the message or ‘Failure items’ on the Explorer’s system tray.

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