Sync Drive

Setting up sync in Drive Explorer will help you keep folders and files on your computer and LINE WORKS Drive up to date at once.
You can choose to sync the entire Drive folders on the PC web or selected folders only.

In other words, if a file is added to the synced folder from your PC, the same file is created on the Drive PC web. If a file saved on your PC is deleted, the same file is deleted from the Drive PC web as well. The same applies to the opposite case.

In addition, if a file saved on your PC is edited, the same file is edited on Drive. This allows you to keep all files updated on both PC and Drive without having to upload and download files all the time. The same applies to the opposite case.

A folder named ‘WORKS Drive’ is created in the selected PC folder and is synced with the LINE WORKS Drive.

Sync is not available for the following:

  • Syncing with a portable storage device
  • Syncing with a virtual drive
  • Windows, Desktop folders, Program Files and its subfolders
  • File formats restricted by the administrator

Sync Settings

When you select a Sync Folder, the folder’s location is automatically added to Quick access. You can click the shortcut in Quick access to access the folder at ease. Personal Folder and folder shared with you are all synced at the same locations. You can see folders shared with you under ‘Folder Shared’. Successfully synced folders and files are marked with a green V icon.

Pause sync

If you want to sync manually, you can pause or resume sync. You can check the progress with the Drive icon and progress messages.

If you want to resume sync, click ‘Restart synchronization’.

Check sync status

Check status on the Drive Explorer icon

You can check the sync progress through the Drive Explorer icon on the taskbar.

Failed to sync
Pause synchronization
Sync folder has been changed or deleted
Unstable network connection


Check status by clicking the Drive Explorer icon

You can check the detailed status with a right-click.

  • Checking sync list
  • Synchronizing (the number of files that have been synced/the total number of files)
  • Synchronized
  • Drive sync is turned off.

Check files that failed to sync

If there are files or folders that failed to sync, a message will appear: ’There are items that failed to synchronize’.

You can check the failed items by clicking ‘View items’ on the message or ‘Failure items’ on the Explorer’s system tray.

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