Admin User Guide


In Admin, you can add members, organizations, groups, and change the settings of LINE WORKS. Also, you can monitor and take action on security-related issues.


Make changes in LINE WORKS Settings.

You can edit company information, select language and time zone, customize colors, add custom menus and company logos.

Manage members

You can add and manage members, company's organizational structures such as teams, user type, job title, and position.

Also, you can create or grant administrator authorities, create groups separate from existing teams or departments, and make changes to related settings.

Manage services

Set the range to allow members to use each LINE WORKS service.

Among the services, Mail and Drive are only available for the Advanced plan.

Manage security

To secure company data, make changes to the settings related to security.

You can set company-wide rules, check each member's security-related status, and take appropriate action if necessary.

You can make changes in the security settings of the network and mobile environment.


To resolve the unexpected issues at speed, you can check the record on members' LINE WORKS usage.


You can set conditions to receive notifications via Monitoring and take actions when those conditions are met.

Manage Archive

This function can be used by applying for the Message archiving option for the Standard and Advanced plans, or Mail archiving option for the Advanced plan.

Even if a member deletes the data, all data within the set period and range can be stored and searched.


You can check members' usage statistics of LINE WORKS.

Manage purchases

You can check the usage status of the plan and decide to upgrade.

You can also change your payment information.