Billing history


This function is only available for the Standard and Advanced plans.

This menu is only available on the PC web and is not provided on the mobile app.

You can check payment and billing history. Also, you can pay the remaining payment amount.

  1. Select 'Purchase' from the menu on the left of Admin to expand the menu and click 'Billing History'.

Billing history

Check the billing and payment details of the service fee for each month of use.

Click the 'INVOICE' button to see the detailed invoice that includes last month's usage fee and save the invoice as a .pdf file.

  • Amount: The amount is calculated based on the daily rate for the number of members using the product (monthly contract) or the number of licenses held (annual contract).
  • Tax (10%): The tax applied to the amount used. Late payment (including tax) and its surcharges are not included.
  • Late payment: The amount not paid by the payment deadline set by the service.
  • Late payment surcharges: The additional charge for late-payments and amounts to 1.12% of the late payment amount.
  • Amount Due: The total amount that includes service usage fees, Tax, late payment, and its surcharges.

Payment details

Payment details show the monthly usage fee.

  • Amount due: The total amount that includes service usage fees, Tax, late payment, and its
  • Amount paid: The amount of money you paid.
  • Payment day: The day the payment was made.
  • Amount due: The amount charged minus the amount paid.
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