Mini-profile overview

Finding a member by name is difficult, especially when there are the same names and empty profiles. Mini-profile has member information and task functions to make identification of a member and taking care of member-related tasks easier.

Press where members in Admin are displayed to view the following mini-profile.

The mini-profile is visible to all administrators and provides the following information to identify members.

  • Photo
  • Name (Name in multi-language)
  • Job level
  • Main organization/Job position
  • Member status (In use, pending, suspended, deleted)

In addition to member information, mini-profile provides the following features:

Only the administrators with authority to access the Admin’s ‘Member’ menu can use the above functions. The functions allow administrators to access frequently used functions for member management and quickly respond to urgent security issues. Each function is also available in the Admin’s ‘Member information’. Press ‘More’ at the bottom of the mini-profile to access the Member information page.

However, only the members with granted access to the ‘Member’ menu can view the member information.

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