What is Admin?


LINE WORKS Admin feature is a company-wide management tool that allows the administrator of the company to set up members, security, environment, etc. Admin is easy to use, even for the administrators who are not IT professionals.

Role of Admin

The administrator is the user who has first created the LINE WORKS account. The administrator can be changed or added later on. Admin can only be accessed by the users with administrator roles, and company accounts and general environments can be set according to the circumstances of each company or team.

As an Administrator, are you worried about how to get started? Check out our step-by-step guide at Getting Started for Admin.

What can we do with Admin?

# General company account setting
In Company Information, you can edit the basic information of your company or team account. Customize the account by setting company logo and color to increase the sense of belonging to your organization.

# Member and organization setting
For those who are new to the LINE WORKS, or have a new joiners in your company, you can either add a new organization or add individual members on Company contacts. You can also delete each member or team if necessary.

# Service setting
Manage detailed settings for the company account, such as setting external message connection, limiting the size of file attachments on Board, and setting file download deadline for email.

# Security setting
Set up a variety of security features to keep your company information secure. You can examine the members' access log and activity in detail to take appropriate action if required. You can also check devices that are allowed to access company information. By monitoring specific activities in the Mail, Message, Drive, it becomes easier to prevent information leakage.

Accessing Admin

The below explains how the administrator can access Admin.


  1. Tap 'Home' on the bottom.
  2. Tap 'Admin'.
  3. Tap one among 'Member', 'Team', 'Group'. Tap 'View All' for advanced settings.

PC Web

  1. Click your profile picture at the top right.
  2. Click 'Admin'.
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