Usage status


Contents are displayed differently depending on the contract plan. This menu is only available on the PC web and is not provided on the mobile app.

You can check and upgrade your current plan.

  1. In Admin, select 'Purchase(Upgrade)' on the left to expand the menu and click 'Usage Status' to access the page.
  • Plan dashboard
    • Plan: You can check your current plan and details.
    • Next billing date: The date for the next cost charge.
    • Estimated monthly bill: The estimated cost for the next billing date is displayed. If you have upgraded or added a Licenses or Users, your daily billing starts on that day.
    • Users: The current number of Users.
    • Licenses: The current number of Licenses.

Checking Options currently in use

You can check the Options currently in use.

  • Product name: Displays the Options in use.
  • Detail: Displays the option units for 'Shared Storage' and 'Extend Clients/Partners Contacts List' in use.
  • Base Price: Displays the price of the given option.
  • Request Date: Displays the application date for the Options.

Manage Option

You can apply for a new option.

Press 'Apply' at the top right of the 'Option in use' section or 'View Option' on the empty screen to apply for Options.


This is only available for the Standard plan.

Select 'Upgrade' from the plan dashboard to upgrade your plan.

Renew contracts

This is only available for the Standard and Advanced plans.

Select ' Automatically Renew Annual Contract(Automatically Renew Monthly Contract)' to change the invoice payment details upon contract renewal.

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