(This function is only available for Premium plan.)

You can download the requested search results.

Requests on downloading search results in Manage Issue are displayed in the list of the 'Download' page.

The requested download item will be deleted 15 days after the download is available.

PC Web

  1. Select 'Archive' from the left to expand the menu and click 'Download' to access the page.
  • Type: Message or Mail
  • Download: The name entered when requesting the download.
  • Requestor: The name of the user who requested the download.
  • Request time: The time the download was requested.
  • Expiration time: The time when the download period ends; when the expiration time passes, it is automatically deleted from the list.
  • Process status:
    • Download: When you click download, the 'Download' window is displayed. Click 'Download' to download search results.
    • Preparing: Waiting to download.
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