Mail signature and footer

Mail common signature

When members set up an email signature, they can choose to use a common signature template created by the administrator.
The administrator can create up to 5 common signature templates.

Add common signatures

Add a new common signature.

The added common signature template automatically becomes available to use. However, you can set not to display the template to members.

Enable or disable common signature

You can choose to provide the common signature templates you uploaded to members.

Edit common signatures

Edit the created common signature templates.

Delete common signatures

Delete a common signature template.


Footer is texts that are fixed and displayed at the bottom of the email. You can use it to display a company’s slogan or regulations.

If a footer is set, all the emails sent from the PC Web have footer texts at the bottom of the email content.

The footer is not displayed on the compose window and can be viewed in the preview or the sent mailbox after sending an email.

You can designate different footers based on security level and where emails are sent. Also, you can set up a footer to include each time you send a new email, reply, forward, or resend emails.

Add or edit footer

Add or edit the contents of a footer that will be included in an email sent on PC Web and mobile.

You can enter up to 5,000 bytes for the footer content.

Footer use status

You can set whether to use the uploaded footer.

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