Usage status

(This menu is displayed differently depending on the contract plan.)

You can check and upgrade your current plan.

  1. Select ‘Purchase (Upgrade)’ from the menu on the left of Admin and click ‘Usage status’.
  • Plan: You can check your current plan and the number of members.
  • Purchase information
    • Bill: The current cost per person is displayed.
    • Estimated monthly bill: The estimated cost for the next billing date is displayed. If you have upgraded or added a license or members, your daily billing starts on that day regardless of the time.
    • Next billing date: The date for the next cost charge.
    • Contract status: The contract details and end date for your current plan are displayed.


To upgrade the plan currently in use, click ’Upgrade’ in the plan overview.

Change renewal options

Select ‘Change renewal option’ to change the contract details at the time of renewal.

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