Use Team or Group Folder

Team or group members can save and manage documents and files together.

When you upload a file to a folder, you can automatically send a notification to the message room. With this, there is no need to notify the members separately after uploading files.

Notifications are activated when you turn on ‘File upload notification’ in group settings.

You can share the files saved in Folder to the Group Message Room or attach them to Note at any time.

Also, if you turn on ‘Auto upload files shared in Message’ in group setting, photos, videos, and document files shared in the message room are automatically uploaded to the ‘Message files’ folder.

Folders are available to use only when the group administrator has enabled Folder.

Open Folder

You can open Folder in a Team/Group Message Room, or through the files shared in the message room.

Upload files and manage files and Folder

You can upload photos and files, view revision history, and restore files in a Team/Group Message Room. You can create, rename, copy, move, or delete folders. You can also restore or permanently delete folders in Trash.

Search a file or folder

You can search not only the names of a folder or a file, but also the text content of a file. You can search by specifying a folder, file format, or period.

Send a file

You can send files saved in a folder to the group’s message rooms, notes, and emails.

Share a file or folder

You can share specific folders or files with others.

Folder settings

The team leader and the Group Master can set whether to use Folder and the link sharing function. They can also manage the advanced Folder settings, such as file upload notification, auto upload files shared in Message, and even check the Folder and Trash storage capacities.

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