Group members can co-write and edit posts. They can check the revision history of the post and restore the previous versions.

Co-editing settings

You can use the co-editing function for both new and existing posts.

Allow co-editing for a new post

You can allow co-editing when creating a new post.

Co-editing setting for an existing post

The person who wrote the post can enable or disable co-editing for the post.

For management purposes, the team leader and the Group Master can enable or disable co-editing for posts written by other members.

Edit a post

Any member can edit posts with co-editing permission.

The last person who edited the post and the time edited will be displayed for the edited posts.

View post revision history

For posts with co-editing permission, the member who last edited the post is displayed below the author. You can click it to check the names of all members who edited the post, the time edited, and the revision details (registered, edited, or restored).

Restore a post

You can restore posts to a specific version.

After restoring a post, the restoration itself will also be recorded in the revision history.

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