View file version history and restore the previous version

If you have uploaded files using the same file name by overwriting the existing file, you can check the file version history and restore a specific version if necessary.

File version history setting

File version history setting

The file version history automatically records different versions of the file depending on the file types set by the administrator. The team leader and the Group Master cannot set whether to activate the file version history for Group Folders.

Type of files that can be restored and the file version storage period

Only the administrator, not the team leader or the Group Master, can set the type of files that can be restored, and the storage period for the previous file versions.

View the file version history

The administrator can set the file version storage period for Group Folders.


You can restore a specific version in the file version history if necessary. You can only restore previous versions of the file only if you have overwritten the existing file as this creates the file version history.

You can only restore document and image files. In addition to the default file types, the administrator can add or remove the rest of the file types.

Before restoring the previous versions, you can check the content of the files with preview.

Delete a version

You can also delete a specific file version. The storage capacity covers the file version history as well. You can manage the storage capacity by deleting previous file versions.

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